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"THE Ultimate Buy Black Movement"


We Have The Methodology ... And The Technology ... And Here's How It Works!

20 Year Economic Recovery &
[20 Year Social & Economic Experiment - Palo Alto, California]
Uniting 1.25 Billion Beautiful Black People Worldwide!

  • Help Improve health & Economic Wealth 0f 1.25 Billion Black People Worldwide!
  • Help Reduce The Infant Mortality Rate For Black Babies In America & Worldwide!
  • Help End Institutional Racism & Apartheid In America Within 5 Years From Now.
  • Join The Ultimate Buy Black Movement Today And Help Us To Change The World!

State of the Art Technology And A New Methodology
Never Before Available ... Thanks to the Blockchain.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization

  • We Are Encouraging 1.25 Billion ... Loyal Black Consumers Worldwide ... To Spend up to 30% Of Your Income ... or more ... in A Marketplace You Now Own ... And Could Easily Generate $100 Billion Dollars Per Month ... And Could Generate Up to 3 Million New Black Jobs In Our Community.

  • We Are Also Encouraging Every Black Owned Business In the World ... To Join With Us ... To Leverage & Improve the Health And Economic Wealth of Over 1.25 Billion ... Loyal And Beautiful Black Consumers Worldwide.

  • With 1.25 Billion Users ... We Could Be The Next Facebook Or Google Soon.

"Change Will Not Come If We Wait For Some Other Person Or For Some Other Time ... We Are The Ones We've Been Waiting For ... We Are The Change That We Seek." - Barack H. Obama - 44th President of the United States of America

Black Gold Dynasty, Black Gold Marketplace And the Black Gold Dynasty Tokens Are Designed and developed to Leverage & Improve the Health And Economic Wealth 0f 1.25 Billion Loyal Black Consumers Worldwide.

To Support that effort, We Are Building The Largest Black Owned - Online Marketplace & Entertainment Center In The Entire World ... As Our "Flagship Product".

We Are filling the Black Gold Marketplace with Thousands of products and services that can be purchased by our members ... through our portal ... And Delivered Directly to the Customers Front door ... Bypassing Middlemen ... And Saving our members both time and money.

from a Brand New Automobile, Truck ... or Motor Cycle ... to A Major Household Appliance like a Refrigerator or Vacuum Cleaner ... A New State of the Art ... trick & Fancy Baby Stroller or Car Seat ... or Perhaps a Flat Screen T. v. and Much more ... Delivered Directly to your Front door.

Plus ...

Join The Ultimate Buy Black Movement Today ... And Help
Us Change The World ... For Black People EVERYWHERE!
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