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Stolen Legacy - George G. M. James
  Stolen Legacy - George G. M. James  
Stolen Legacy - George G. M. James

"Change Will Not Come If We Wait For Some Other Person Or Some Other Time. We Are The Ones We've Been Waiting For. We Are The Change That We Seek." - Barack Obama

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Building A Solid Case For Reparations In America

(Based On International Human Rights Violations)

* Rep - a - ra - tions: The Act Of Making Amends or Giving Satisfaction For A Wrong Or Injury

(For Example: Crimes Against Humanities, Human Rights Violations or Perhaps The Enslavement And Murder Of Millions Of African American People)

Do You Mind If I Ask You A Quick Question?
Do You Think African Americans in America Today, Deserve Reparations For Over 300 Years of Brutal And Shameless, Government Sanctioned Slavery, Jim Crow Laws, Red Lining and Segregation which Resulted in the Senseless, Brutal, Vicious and Inhumane Slaughter, Plunder, Rape and Murder of Millions And Millions of Innocent African American People?

"Until America Reckons With The Moral Debt It Has Accrued ... And The Damage It Has Done To Generations Of African Americans ... Racial Divide Will Continue To Be An Issue In America ... Forever."

Come Join Our National Movement To Help End Racism In America Forever ...

And To Improve Human Rights & Social Justice For All Americans.

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