"Race Ecology Summit Is A 3 Year Vision To End Racism & Apartheid In America By 2020"

'Race Ecology Summit'

Student Ambassador - Washington DC

Contest Rules For Ambassadors

Students Earn [1] Point For Every Survey We
Receive With Your Member I. D. Attached To It.

1.) Students will Earn 1 Point for every survey We receive with your Member I. D.
2.) Each HBCU School will be Tallied and Assigned A 1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Winner.
3.) Only (3) Students/Winners per School Will be Allowed To Travel At Our Expense.
4.) Students must be currently enrolled At A HBCU in order to fully partiscipate.
5.) Survey's may only be counted once - Therefore ... First Come ... First Counted.
6.) Must Agree To Partiscipate In One Of our Working Groups During The Summit.
7.) Must Be Willing To Ask Questions And Offer Feedback, Comments, Suggestions.
8.) Students Must Be Fair & Honest In Your Day To Day Dealing With Friends & Foe.
9.) Must Be Committed To Social Justice & A Reparations / Reconciliation Program
10.) Must Be Friendly, Flexible In your Thinking & Able To Think Outside The Box.
11.) Must Be At Least 18 years Old and a United States Citizen or Legal Resident.
12.) Starting Date: April 10th 2017 - June 2nd 2017 (Midnight - PST - No Exceptions)

Ambassador Contest Begins: June 5th 2017 - Ends July 5th 2017

Which Candidate Would You Most Likely Vote For In The Next Presidential Election?
"We Stand With The Abused ... So That He Or She ... Won't Have To Stand Alone"

      * Help End Racism And Apartheid in America By 2020

      * Help Us Build A Solid Case For Reparations By 2020

      * Help Us VET A New Presidential Candidate By 2020