Will I Have Fun And Enjoy Myself?

"Race Ecology Summit Is A 3 Year Vision To End Racism & Apartheid In America By 2020"

You-Bet-Cha ...

Although you may come ... and go ... at your leisure ... we have set aside Wednesday ... as A Recreation and Sightseeing Day.

Plus ... We will Also enjoy a Special Guest Entertainer on Webnesday Evening.

Some folks will choose to catch up on some ZZZZzzzz ... while others may choose to lounge, Bunch and bond with other Working group members.

whatever you choose to do with your day ... Sauna, Yoga, Massage, exercise or whatever ... it's up to you.

* Here are a few examples of places you may consider visiting:

1.) Smithsonian Museums - Including The National Museum of African American History and Culture

2.) U. S. Capital Tours

3.) Pentagon Tours

4.) Explore the National Mall

5.) Washington DC Tours

6.) Great Food & Beverages (Including Weight Watchers Meals Available Throughout The 5 Day Summit)

7.) History & Culture Tours - Bureau of Engraving (U. S. Mint)

8.) Networking Gala & Dinner Dance - Daily Power Lunches

9.) Shopping, Day Spa, Massage

10.) College & University Tours - Parents with teens - pay close attention ( HBCU's in the house)

11.) Day & Night Networking, Plus Career Opportunities & Connections

12.) Nightly Brain Storming Sessions

* Ambassador Contest Begins: June 5th 2017 - Ends July 5th 2017 *

Which Candidate Would You Most Likely Vote For In The Next Presidential Election?
"We Stand With The Abused ... So That He Or She ... Won't Have To Stand Alone"

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      * Help Us Build A Solid Case For Reparations By 2020

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