Tell Me More About The Summit

After years of research We have finally developed A Proven Methodology to Help End Racism iin America by 2020!

Please allow me to Explain ...

Our Methodology begins with the inviting of Roughly 400 College students, Coaches And Mentors from Georgetown University, Stanford University And 107 Historical Black Colleges & Universities ...

To Partiscipate In A 5 Day - Race Ecology Summit ... to finally ... once and for all ... Address and Deal with the Age Old issue of Racism and Apartheid in America.

The Roughly 400 students Selected ... Will Be Invited ... And Divide & Convened into 10 Seperate working groups ...

Along with an individually Selected (3) person leadership Team ... per Group.

We will then gather The 10 Working Groups, along with their Coaches and Mentors ... (2 Coaches and 1 Mentor per Working Group)

together in A washington DC Hotel Conference Room ... National Museum of African American History & Culture ... The U. S. Capital ... And Other Locations through out the City ...

for a total of 5 Consecutive Days ... To Further develop The Methodology needed to Flawlessly implement the Roll-out' ... and Deliver The system as planned ... By September 2020.

Primary Goals:

1.) Help End Racism iin America ... by 2020 ... And Reduce The Wealth Disparity in America ... relative to Black -vs- White Wealth In America!

2.) Our Hypothesis Assumes that there is A Direct Correlation Between Racism In America ... And Unresolved Reparations For African Americans In America.

3.) Assuming That's true ... We Will need to immediately Start to structure a Reparations and Reconciliation Program For African Americans In America.

4.) Develop a Reparations & Reconciliation Program In America ... That Will Not Only Benefit African Americans ... but will also Benefit the Entire nation.

5.) Change Will Not Come If We Wait For Some Other Person Or For Some Other Time, We Are The Ones We've Been Waiting For, We Are The Change that We Seek.

* Truth Be Told: Unresolved Reparations May Very Well Be The Biggest Contributor To The Anger, Hostility & discontent Many African Americans Feel Today.

We specifically selected the 107 Historical Black Colleges & Universities because of the Sensitive Nature of the content ... and because of the Care and compassion Needed To present it passionately ... and accurately.

We've also selected 2 prominent Universities (Stanford & Georgetown) on either sides of the country ... to provide guidance & leadership to the 10 working groups. (We Call Them Coaches)

* Networking Gala & Dinner Dance and Special Guest, [Wednesday Night] ... Clearly ... You don't Want To Miss This Event.

* Daily Power Lunches & Nightly Brain Storming & Networking & Strategic Mapping Sessions ... You are Sure To Enjoy These.

* We will Talk More Specifics Later about Strategic Mapping Sessions and Much More ... But For Now ... Suffice it To Say ... We Eagerly Value & Welcome Your Feedback.

African American Reparations & Reconciliation Act of 2020
This Master Agreement ... Currently Known As 'The African American Reparations & Reconciliation Act of 2020' ... Granting Full Reparations To African Americans ... And Full Reconciliation To 'Others ... Will Be Our Primary Road Map To A Successful Reparations & Reconciliation Program Moving Forward In America In 2020.

Starting Date For the Summit: Monday, Sept 25, 2017 - National Museum of African American History & Culture - Washington, DC.

Other sessions will convene at the Beautiful and Comfortable, Newly Constructed Oprah Winfrey Theater ... inside the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, DC.

Still ... Other Sessions Will Be Held At Various Venues Including Georgetown University, Howard University, The U. S. Capital and At The Host Hotel Meeting rooms ... Etc.

We will conclude the 5 Day - Race Ecology Summit on Friday, September 29th with A Number Of goals for next years summit in 2018.

Which Candidate Would You Most Likely Vote For In The Next Presidential Election?
"We Stand With The Abused ... So That He Or She ... Won't Have To Stand Alone"

      * Help End Racism And Apartheid in America By 2020

      * Help Us Build A Solid Case For Reparations By 2020

      * Help Us VET A New Presidential Candidate By 2020