What is Race Ecology?

Race Ecology As We Define It ... is the Environmental impact of Race ... both Physical ... Mental ... Spiritual & Otherwise.

Some folks believe ... myself included ... that America Will Never live up to it's full potential or it's full greatness ... until all Gods children are free ... and able to Share and prosper ... fairly and equitably in America ... without Racism and discrimination.

Still others believe ... that is already the case ... and further explain the failure of African Americans to prosper in America with any marginable degree of success ... as largely due to there laziness and or lack of intellect ... drug Addiction, drug convictions ... not enough education ... angry ... hostile or bad attitude ... and ... to Some extent ... or other ... a combination of any ... and all of the above.

And, while some of that narrative may ... or may not be true, the Real story of how this all happened, is often overlooked, And rarely if ever get's to the truth for several reasons, including dissonance, Inherit Bias, fear, guilt and Perhaps Even A Little bit of Shame, just to name a few Possible ... or suspected reasons.

Our job at this time is not Necessarily to deny the evidence of disparity in America ... or even to assign blame, but to ultimately provide potential solutions for change moving forward.

You can be part of the problem ... or Part of the solution ... The Choice Is Yours.
We hope you Choose To stand with us ... We Could Really Use Your Help And Support!

Which Candidate Would You Most Likely Vote For In The Next Presidential Election?
"We Stand With The Abused ... So That He Or She ... Won't Have To Stand Alone"

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