Dr. Joy De Gruy

Post Traumatic Slave Disorder & Cognitive Dissonance

"Race Ecology Summit Is A 3 Year Vision To Help End Racism & Apartheid In America By 2020"

Post Traumatic Slave Disorder

It is perhaps too late for many African Americans that have suffered PTSD (Post Traumatic Slave Disorder) ... to be made whole again. (If Ever)

We can only look ahead to a future of bright young minds ... filled with Hope, Optimism and Enthusiasm ... if we are to ever get ahead and prosper in America today.

It is not our intent to get over on anyone, be angry ... or take advantage of a very bad situation.

Until African Americans feel they can get a fair shake in the American Dream, and White Americans stands up and admit the wrongs from their past, the healing will never begin.

Once again, we should always keep in mind and always remember that America is a new nation.

And with all new nations ... mistakes are often made in the process of development.

And, realizing that fact, the only prudent, moral and ethical thing we can do when a mistake has been made, particularly so when others have been harmed, is to acknowledge our mistakes, apologize, and attempt as best we can, to make amends, pay reparations to those you have harmed, and then, and only then, attempt to move forward in the healing process.

America, it is time for a national healing to begin, so that we can begin to move forward as a stronger nation.

We encourage you to join in support of our effort for Reconciliation and Reparation to those who have been harmed ... for the security of our nation is at stake.

It's Time To Come Clean America ... Time To Settle-Up ... So We Can Finally Move Forward As One Nation!

It's Action Time Now Folks ... And This Is Where It All Begins!

Won't You Come Join Us Now In Our Efforts For Peace, Social Justice, Reconciliation and Reparations For African Americans in America Now?