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"We Expect One Billion Black Folks Worldwide ... Will View
Our Movie ... Within The First 30 Days of It's Release"

Stay Woke ... And Prepare Yourself For Greatness ... Congratulations!

What if i told you ... That your troubles Were over ... Because ... Your Ship ... had finally Come In?

Well, It's Absolutely True ... Your Ship ... Has Finally Come In. And I've Been Task With The Awesome Responsibility Of Letting You Know ... Just Exactly ... what's Finally Available ... And In Store For You Right Now Today. Yeah ... : - )

What Do I Mean By That? Well Now ... Let me explain ... Because I know this is all sounding kinda weird to you.

But ... if you give me just a couple minutes of your Valuable time ... I promise ... I'll Explain Everything to you.

And Furthermore ... You Are Going To Love What I'm About To Share With you ... I promise You ... Yeah ... : - )

I'm not sure how you got here today ... right now ... to this exact website ... Right Now ... But ...

how ever you got here ... you are in the right place ... At Precisely the right time.

I know That May Sound Corny ... But boy is your life going to change ... I'm So excited for you ... Yeah ... : - )

Let Me Explain ... Do You Mind If I ask you a very Quick question First?

Do you believe in coincidences? ... or ... Fate?

Webster's Dictionary - (Definition)

  • Coincidence: Concurrence of Events that have no Apparent connection with Another.
  • Fate: Destiny, sometimes referred to as fate, is a predetermined course of events.


I believe that everything That happens in Life ... Happens for a Reason ... And Furthermore ...
At Precisely the right time ... I might add, as well. Let's assume for a moment that ... that is True.

Great News     < -- Please Pay Very Close Attention -- >

Now ... I'm going to Share Some Really Really Great News With You Right Now. Now Hold On to Your Hat.

News ... that you have never heard before ... And neither has anyone else ... For that matter. I Promise you.

My company is about to break ground on a brand new movie Project ... So Big ... It's Mind-boggling ... literally!

This movie Is Going to be Bigger Than 'ROOTS' ... and 'BLACK PANTHER' ... COMBINED! (In Terms Of Relevance)

Bigger than any Movie You Have Ever Seen Before In Your Lifetime, I promise You This. (In Terms Of Relevance)

Couple Facts     < -- If You Don't Read Anything Else ... Read This -- >
  1. The Movie Black Panther Cost The Disney Company ... $200 Million Dollars To Make.
  2. Black Panther Made Disney One Billion Dollars In It's first 3.7 weeks at the box office.
  3. $700 million domestically and $648.8 million internationally during = $1.3 Billion ... It's First Year Alone.
  4. Based On A Fictional, non real ... Comic Book ... FANTASY Story based on False 'Hope' And Make Believe.
  5. What If Black People really Had Something to shout about? Something Tangible? Something Real.
  6. What If Black People were inspired beyond Their Wildest imagination ... And presented with real hope?
  7. What If only half of the 1.3 Billion Black People Worldwide Came out to see our Movie ... only half?
  8. We believe Every Black Person In The World will be inspired beyond Imagination by our message of hope.
  9. We Believe ... the world will Absolutely never be the same ... once our message & movie are released.
  10. We Believe We Can Beat Black Panthers Record, By Double - In less than half the time and Half the Budget.
  11. This Is About Survival: We Believe Over One Billion Black People Will View Our Movie Within 30 Days of Release.
  12. What Evidence Have You?: 400 Years of Misery, Disappointments, Lies, Broken Promises & Fractured Dreams.

I'm not allowed to discuss much detail about the movie right now Because

Without an 'NDA' ... (Non-Disclosure Agreement.) It's All SECRET ... For Now ... I'm sure you understand.

Because Agents, Actors And Lawyers and others ... are still doing their thing.

I can't tell you anymore ... However ... suffice it to say ... things are moving forward Very Quickly.

"Let's Get Back To You For A Moment"
Please Pay Very Close Attention!
Remember ... This Is All About You!
Listen Up Folks ... What if I told you That:
  1. you could play a significant roll in the Making Of The film?
  2. you Could Receive Quarterly or Annual Dividends from the film?
  3. you could have a 'Special Cameo role' in the film, if you like?
  4. you Could be Prominently listed in the credits of the movie?
  5. you Could make a 'Fractional Investment' In Funding The Movie?
If So ... LET US KNOW ASAP ... So We Can Reserve Your Spot!

We Will Be Filming in 20 cities
Across America ... Over 20 weeks!

10 Basic Rules

1.) Be Part Of An African American Community In Your City.

2.) Limited To First 100 Eligible Folks Per City, To Sign Up.

3.) Must Be At Least 18 Years Old To Participate With Us.

4.) Nothing To Buy ... And Nothing To Do ... But Show Up.

5.) But ... We Need You To Do Us A Favor ...'Though' : - )

6.) Enjoy A Bountiful Feast ... And Fill Out A Short Survey.

7.) Which Is Our Primary Motive Anyway ... Truth Be Told.

8.) Will Take A Maximum Of 2 Hours - And Will Be Filmed.

9.) Grab Your Swag Bag ... And The Rest Of Your Stuff ...

10.) And Your Life Will Never Be The Same From Now On.

We Will Film For One Week - In 20 Cities Across America - Starting Feb - July 2020
  • Oakland
  • Chicago
  • Memphis
  • Seattle
  • Miami
  • Detroit
  • New Jersey
  • Houston
  • Raleigh
  • Baltimore
  • Atlanta
  • San Francisco
  • Denver
  • Houston
  • Cleveland
  • Los Angeles
  • New York
  • Dallas
  • Las Vegas
  • New Orleans
  • PLEASE LET US KNOW Immediately If You Are Interested ... So We Can Reserve Your Spot


    First Off, I am Not A Lawyer, Nor am I a Financial Advisor. If you need those services, Check the 'Yellow Pages'.

    A Security Token shares many of the Same characteristics As A Utility Token (erc20) for example.

    Security tokens are often designed to represent complete or fractional ownership interests in an assets.

    While utility tokens have no limitations on who can Buy, Sell and trade the tokens, Security tokens on the other hand do, And are subject to restrictions based on identity, jurisdiction, asset category, etc.


    The concept of utility tokens is fairly well understood in the blockchain space today.

    Utility tokens represent access to a network, and your token purchase often represents the ability to buy goods or services from that network.

    like for example ... purchasing a game token at an amusement Park or perhaps a Video arcade. Utility tokens give you that same type of access, but just to a product or service, Amusement Ride or video game event.

    I Can't Say More Now ... But

    what I can do now is give you a Small glimpse Into the Project Timeline And some of the moving pieces.

    It May not make much sense to you now ... Much of the Secret Sauce, can't be shown, but trust me, it will.

    We've literally spent the past 10 years researching & developing the content for this film. It has to be right.

    technology has made the Fundamental difference in Recent developments. Finally 'Cracking the Methodology Code" in My Blockchain / Artificial Intelligence Class / Stanford University in the Fall of 2018 ... Yeah ... : - )

    Projected Timeline For 2020 (Fluid)

    1. Jan 2020: secure Funding, Solidify Partnerships, (W.O.) Form Committees, Launch S T O Project
    2. Feb 2020: Black History Month, Start Filming, Launch Buy Black Movement, Buy Gold Bars - Cheap,
    3. Mar 2020: Launch Apparel Project, Launch Gaming Platform Project, Launch Learning Channel,
    4. Apr 2020: Launch Hospital Project,
    5. May 2020: Legal, Land, Real Estate, S T O Assets
    6. Jun 2020: Political,
    7. Jul 2020: First S T O (2) Day Events, End Filming,
    8. Aug 2020: Begin Editing Movie, Rev-Up Marketing Campaign,
    9. Sep 2020: ... Yeah ... : - )
      • 5 Day Race Ecology Summit - Washington DC
      • Film Premier - Oprah Winfrey Theater, African American History & Cultural Museum, Wash. DC
      • March on Washington DC
      • 1000 HBCU Students - Hosted For 7 Days - In Washington DC
      • All Expenses Paid - Air, Hotel, Meals, ETC.
      • Friday Evening Raggee' Concert - Washington Mall.
    10. Oct 2020: Recap Of Summit, Final Push To Victory,
    11. Nov 2020: U. S. National Presidential Election ... Yeah ... : - )
    12. Dec 2020: Vacation For All - Get Ready For Round Two of Our 10 Year Journey To Restoration Highway : - )

    We Are very proud to Present ...
    Security Token Asset #1 - Documentary Film Project

    Congratulations ... Yeah ... : - )

    Below ... you will find details of our Movie, humanitarian projects And details of the generational Wealth Assets ... that you'll own as a Direct result of your SEC Compliant, Security Token Ownership. (You Own The Whole Enchilada)

    Perfect Staycation - 2 Day Weekend Events
    These Are The (4) Assets That You Will Own

    Asset #1 - Documentary Film Project

    Asset #2 - Buy Black Movement

    These Are The (4) Assets That You Will Own

    Asset #3 - Race Ecology Summit

    Black Gold Marketplace

    Asset #4 - Black Gold Marketplace

    Security Tokens Unleashed

    "The Perfect Staycation - 2 Day Weekend Event"

    "50 Pitches ... Two Fun Filled Days"

    Sat. July 11th & Sun. 12th, 2020
    Palo Alto, California
    [Average Temp In July in Palo Alto - 79°]

    (11 Herbs & Spices)
    (Remember ... You Own ALL The ASSETS ... The Whole Enchilada!)
    • All Assets Are Designed To Work Together.
    • Each Asset Designed To Leverage The Other.
    • Each Asset Has the Ability To Sustain Itself.
    • However One Asset Does Not Stop The Show!
    • May It 'R. I. P.' ... But The Show Must Go On!
    The Whole Enchilada
    Bankless Capital
    Menlo Park Filmmakers Presentation
    (Very Short Power Point ... I Promise)
    Click Here Now To View

    Mission Statement

    1.) Promoting Measurable, Social & Economic justice, In A Long Term Sustainable Way, That Provides Unlimited Resources And Opportunities, for Millions of Disenfranchised And Underserved Americans.

    2.) Mobilizing a grass roots effort, to Study The Current 2020 Political Candidates ... to Ultimately Make An Informed Decision & Recommendation To Our Members As to the candidate We Believe, Offers Us The Biggest Bang for our Buck And Therefore deserves our vote in the Nov 2020 Presidential Election.

    3.) Climate Change & Global Warming Are Real: Though Some May Choose To Bury Their Heads In The Sand And Pretend That It's Not True. While Others, Just Don't Care.

    However, That Being Said, We Have A Lot of work To Do As A Nation, educating Folks on the Simple things That we can do Right Now, To mitigate the ongoing harm to our Precious And Vulnerable planet.

    At The Race Ecology Summit, Being Held in Washington DC, Sept 21st - 25th, 2020, One Of The Key Issues We Will Discuss And Collaborate with Is Climate Change, to further understand the Issues and Challenges, And, how we can be most effective as an Organization, moving forward.

    The Perfect Game-Changer ...
    Digital Securities!
    A Brand New Set Of Financial Instruments That Will Disrupt
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    • New Assets Will Continue To Be Added To The Ecosystem As Approved By Members.
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    • The Possibilities Are Totally Endless, We Are Only Limited By Our Own Imagination.
    • New Set Of Financial Instruments That Will Disrupt & Reshape Our Financial Future.
    • Brand New Set Of Financial Instruments Never Seen Before Called Digital Securities.

    Advantages of Security Tokens

    Advantages of Security Token Offerings Liquidity Advantages of Security Token Offerings Compliance
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    Advantages of Security Token Offerings Secret Sauce - Magic Code - Leadership

    "The Perfect Staycation - 2 Day Weekend Event"

    "50 Pitches ... Two Fun Filled Days"

    Sat. July 11th & Sun. 12th, 2020
    Palo Alto, California
    [Average Temp In July in Palo Alto - 79°]

    • Tickets Will Go Fast - Don't Wait And Be Sorry, Get Your Tickets Now!
    • Special Host Hotel Packages Available Starting At Only $200 a Night.
    • 3 Hotels All W/ Restaurants, Full Bar, Pool, Spa, Workout Gym, More.
    • 10 min to Downtown Palo Alto, 20 Min to Stanford Shopping Center.
    • Only A Short 20 min Walk /10 Min ride To Stanford University Campus.
    • Only 30 Min From Either San Francisco OR San Jose / Driving Distance.
    • Only 60 Min From San Francisco OR San Jose to Palo Alto on Caltrain.
    • Full Continental Breakfast 8am to 9am and Lunch 12 - 1pm - Included.
    • Tickets Go On Sale Worldwide - Feb 1, 2020 - Limited Seating Available

    Tickets Go On Sale
    Feb 1, 2020
    What Is Buy Black Movement?, How Can I Help The Buy Black Movement?, What Is Black Gold Dynasty?, What Is ZBlackCard?
    Tickets Go On Sale
    Feb 1, 2020

    Security Tokens Unleashed - Palo Alto - July 11th - 12th 2020
    Tickets Go On Sale Worldwide - Feb 1, 2020 - Limited Seating Available
    Click Here Now To Register For 24 Hour Early Bird Entry.

    Tickets Go On Sale
    Feb 1, 2020
    What Is Buy Black Movement?, How Can I Help The Buy Black Movement?, What Is Black Gold Dynasty?, What Is ZBlackCard?
    Tickets Go On Sale
    Feb 1, 2020